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Would you ACTUALLY like to SEE A ROI from your
trade show promotional ideas ?

Then go beyond the pens and glowing balls; go beyond the huge ticket giveaway that nobody thinks their going to win and give your audience a live promotion that is exciting, fun, and drives home your messages.

 Give them
trade show magician and trade show mentalist Bob Garner.

Go beyond the usual trade show giveaways and trade show promotions and give your intended audience a trade show promotion that they will enjoy and remember - give them trade show magician Bob Garner.

Looking for incentives for your trade show?

Look no further. 

Trade show presenter Bob Garner will draw attention, generate huge leads, create excitement, and provide you with a higher ROI for your trade show dollars.

There are a variety of trade show giveaways to get attendees to stop by your booth.  You can have a big contest or a number of drawings, but only one person walks away a winner.

You can also try a number of expensive giveaways that, oftentimes, ends up left behind in the attendee's hotel rooms or discarded as soon as they get home. With most trade show giveaways  and trade show promotional ideas , even if attendees fill out forms, you get a bunch of leads that don't mean anything.

That's not the case with
trade show magician Bob Garner.

Bob Garner is a trade show giveaway that can ACTUALLY SHOW YOU A ROI? Bob is a trade show promotion that not only draws huge crowds, but also provides a number of key messages, and delivers a large amount of QUALITY LEADS. Bob Garner is a fantastic trade show marketing idea that will give you results!

Featured in the "Wall Street Journal" and other prestigious publications as THE solution for gaining more ROI from a trade show,
  Bob Garner travels the world on behalf of his Fortune 1000 corporation and leading association clients.  

It's been proven time and time again that a magician for a trade show booth or using magicians for trade shows brings in traffic. Yet, using magician for trade shows means getting the right one. That's where Bob comes in.

Trade show presenter Bob Garner is the leading trade show mind reader.

You need to see Bob in action! Call him now at 805-534-1576!

You could look at this video by clicking on
trade show magician

or go to Bob's main site at .


Now, perhaps, you are hosting a hospitality suite event or a networking event and would like to give your guests something they will remember after your event. Let's see... you could give them ANOTHER T-shirt or baseball cap... maybe a nice thermos...again...

How about if you could give your guests an experience that they will never forget? How about giving your guests an experience that THEY will TALK about when THEY get back to THEIR office? If that sounds like a good idea, than watch this video and then go to Bob's main site and give him a call.


From this point on there is just a bunch of links, so skip this part and go to Bob's main site. Thanks!

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Want to learn from the true masters of motivation? Get Bob Garner's book "Masters of Motivation" at .

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Are you looking for after dinner entertainment or an after dinner speaker that is not goofy and will delight your group? After dinner entertainment and after dinner speaker Bob Garner will add a "spark" of fun and astonishment to your event. Corporate party entertainment and casual pool side entertainment or casino night entertainment is great to provide your guests. From hospitality suite entertainment to awards banquet entertainment to funny emceescorporate entertainer Bob is the perfect choice as after dinner entertainers or after dinner speakers keynote funny... that was weird huh? No matter. Of all the after dinner entertainers an after dinner funny keynote speakers, Bob is the best.

I told you this was long...go to Bob's official site !

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